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Monday Meetings

Meeting Codes:

Codes: C=Closed, O=Open,

Please note: Although “open” meetings welcome everyone, “closed” meetings are reserved for those who want to stop drinking.

SP= Smoking Permitted,   NS= Non-smoking, W= Women’s Meeting, M=Men’s, meeting, GL= Gay, Lesbian Meeting, BB= Big Book, SD= Step Discussion, 12&12=12 Step & 12 Traditions, D= Discussion, GD=Grapevine Discussion, HA= Handicap Accessible, ST= Speaker, Tapes, BBDOT=Big Book Discussion on Tape

6:30 a.m. | C/D/NS/HA
Third Step Group, Cedar Lake Fellowship
Cedar Lake Fellowship 
401 East Empire St. Bloomington 

9:00 a.m. | O/NS,  
Pontiac- Group
Pontiac Alano Club
1400 N. Division St. Pontiac 

12:00 p.m. | C/12&12/D/NS
Oakland Ave. Noon-Time Group
St. Matthew’s Rector
1920 E. Oakland Ave. Bloomington

12:00 p.m. | C/BB/BBDOT/D/NS/HA
Cedar Lake Fellowship

401 E. Empire St. Bloomington

5:00 p.m. | O/D/NS/HA
Cedar Lake Fellowship 
401 E. Empire St. Bloomington

5:00 p.m. O/D/HA  Keep It Real Group
Cedar Lake Fellowship
 401 E. Empire St. Bloomington

5:30 p.m. | C/NS
Happy Hour Group, St. Matthew’s Rectory 
1920 E. Oakland Ave. Bloomington

5:30 p.m.  C/GD/NS
Grapevine Group, Northwest Neighborhood Community Center
West Side Door,

400 Union Street, Bloomington

7:00p.m. | O/NS
Pekin St. Group, Trinity Episcopal Church
400 Pekin St. Lincoln

7:00p.m. | C/NS
M & M Group, St. Mary’s Church Basement
Jackson & Mason St. Bloomington

7:00p.m. | O/NS/D
As I Am At the Edge
Corner of Harrison and Main
at the Edge Building, Saybrook, IL

7:00p.m. | C/NS/HA
Monday Night Solutions, St. Patrick’s Church
Towanda Barnes Rd. & Rt. 9 Bloomington

7:00p.m. | O/NS
Monday Night Survivors Group
104 E. Main St. Heyworth

7:00p.m. | C/NS
Monday Night Miracles
St. Matthew’s Rectory

1920 E. Oakland Ave. Bloomington

8:00p.m. | C/NS/HS
Monday 449ers
Cedar Lake Fellowship

401 E. Empire St. Bloomington

8:00p.m. | O/NS/HA
Crossroads Group
Holy Trinity Parish Hall 

711 N. Main St. Bloomington


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